What Is Egg And Dart Molding?

what is egg and dart moldingDid you know that the ancient Greeks and Romans utilized three orders of architecture? This included Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. These styles may seem antiquated, but they have influenced modern design schemes in a number of different ways.

Egg and dart molding is just one of the ways you can use Greco-Roman traditions to create an ornate style in your home. But what is egg and dart molding? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is egg and dart molding?

Egg and dart molding is used as an ornamental feature in many homes and elegant buildings. Back in ancient Greece, they adorned beautiful buildings and many columns. Egg and dart molding is typified by its pattern of an egg-shaped object alternating with another shape, typically an arrow or a dart, hence the term, egg and dart molding. It can also be alternated with an anchor or other vertical, downward-pointing images, though egg and dart is typically used today.

How is it used today?

Egg and dart molding is typically found at the tops of columns or other features in neoclassical architecture. But nowadays, egg and dart molding is seen anywhere from residential homes to elegant courtrooms.

They are also used both indoors and outdoors since they’re so pleasing to the eye. They can make your elegant dining room look all the more regal while using this design on your front porch proffers a grand statement of welcome.

2D or 3D?

This phrase simply defines a pattern. As such, it can be carved into a variety of surfaces but it can also be painted onto plaster or other surfaces for the desired effect. In three-dimensional works, the egg and dart design is featured on the molding of trim of your home in the form of plaster, wood, or stone. Wood carving designs look wonderful in larger spaces while a smaller room can benefit from a subtle design.

Where can I get egg and dart molding?

Egg and dart molding, along with other carved wood onlays, fluted pilasters, and mini corbels, can be found at the professionals of Enkeboll Designs. They’re specially trained to ensure the inside or outside of your home looks amazing. Whether you’re building a home from scratch or sprucing up a home to sell, rely on the experts of Enkeboll Designs molding and more.

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