Three Reasons to Chose Wood for Your Interior Accents

wood carving designsThroughout history, wood has been a staple of interior design. Even though we no longer rely entirely on wood and other natural materials to construct our homes, wood still plays an important role in both the appearance and durability of many structures.


Though modern design has its benefits, wood is a timeless material that also offers a surprising number of perks. If you’re looking to build a new space, or if you work in the renovations and contracting industry, don’t forget these three great benefits of incorporating wood materials in your interior design:


Wood is Cost Effective

Though there are certainly cheaper materials to work with, wood is less expensive than some materials for floors, furniture, and accents. Additionally, with so many different species, homeowners and designers alike can likely find a type that works with their budget and taste. Wood is also a durable material; with proper maintenance, wood can last for hundreds of years without rot and wear. Though plastic molding may be cheaper up front, wooden architectural elements from wood molding to decorative wood carving designs only need to be purchased once to be enjoyed for generations.

Natural Materials are Known Stress Relievers

Plants, flowers, fountains and other natural accents are famous for being mood enhancers and stress relievers. Wood elements are said to have a soothing presence in design, and many believe wood creates a relaxing environment through a subconscious connection with nature.

Wood is a Versatile Canvas

Though many simply think of brown lumber when they think of wood interior accents, this material is actually incredibly versatile for construction and decoration. Wood can be polished to shine like marble, and sealed to have an almost mirror-like surface. Different wood species offer warm and cool color tones to influence the mood of a space. Wood can be carved or grown naturally into almost any shape imaginable, making it a favorite material for wood carving designs.

Enhance Your Home with Wood Carving Designs

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s interior with the natural beauty of wood, look no further than Enkeboll Designs. We specialize in a huge variety of wood accents, including vintage molding, wood onlays, carved wood trims, large corbels and more. For further information, contact Enkeboll Designs today.

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