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Architectural Wood Carvings: Eight Examples

Architectural wood carvings take an item that is functional, yet plain, and transform it into an elegant yet utilitarian piece of art. Items such as a carved bookshelf, wine bar, and walnut headboard all add character and beauty to any area. Here are eight examples of the types of trims used in these decorative wood carvings. 1. Corner Blocks Corner blocks for crown molding will enhance the appearance of any room. They give additional detail to any space, particularly where wall and ceiling meet. Oak is often used in corner blocks. 2. Appliques Carved appliques are usually available in oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. The designs are both horizontal and … Continue reading

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4 Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Wood Accents

When it comes to maintaining the beauty of a home, an eye for detail is especially important. Sure, regular sweeping and dusting can help a room stay bright and appealing, but for true cleanliness and charm, more focused efforts may be necessary. In homes with wood accents like decorative carved moldings and carved wood onlays, careful maintenance is important not only for cleanliness and beauty, but for preservation. Without a few careful cleaning and polishing routines, your favorite traditional corbels and fluted pilaster could become worn and dull. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home’s wood accents looking like new for years to come, read on. Here are … Continue reading

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3 Design Tips to Highlight the Beauty of Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are simply magical. Not only do they provide rooms with an additional source of light and warmth, but they also create a visual centerpiece to anchor other design elements in the space. However, too often, a poorly-designed room hinders a fireplace’s beauty. Unbalanced furniture, too much clutter, and lack of accents can make any fireplace a bit drab. If you have a fireplace, use your interior design to celebrate its traditional beauty and multipurpose charm. Here are three design tips to breathe new life into any old hearth: 1. Explore Fireplace Corbel Designs Fireplace corbels are the two L-shaped braces on either side of the pit used to hold … Continue reading

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