Beyond White Crown Molding: 3 Molding Ideas that can Upgrade Your Interior

decorative carved moldingsIn some novice interior design circles, crown molding is known to make the difference between a beautiful space and a blah space, and for good reason. Most crown moldings act as a white trim that encircles the ceiling of a room, gifting the space with a sense of elegance and uniformity. Though crown molding is a subtle design element, its presence is credited with elevating the beauty of almost any space. No wonder white crown molding is so popular!


However, because white crown molding is popular, it is also somewhat unexciting. If you’re looking to upgrade the appearance of your interiors in a fresh, unusual way, there are a huge variety of styled moldings that can make your walls stand out. Here are just a few ideas that can take your molding to the next level:


Try Decorative Carved Moldings

Instead of simple white molding, consider adding visual interest and detail to your trim with decorative carved moldings. Decorative molding can be purchased in a variety of wood carving designs, from geometric squares to curling vine and flower designs. Common styles also include egg and dart molding and fluted molding. Carved molding can help your interiors match the architectural history of your home, and can give you more creative freedom when designing your space.


Try Molding at Different Levels on the Wall

Though installing molding where the wall meets the ceiling is definitely elegant, trim at other heights on the wall offer different stylistic and practical benefits. Baseboards act as trims where the wall meets the floor, and chair rail is a practical molding designed to protect walls from being scratched by furniture. These two less-common styles can also come as carved wood trim for a more unique look, and both give a space fresh character.


Skip the White Paint, and Celebrate the Natural Beauty of Wood

White-colored molding is incredibly common since it is both easy to match with wall paint and makes a room look brighter. However, wood species each have their own natural hues that can give your rooms unique appeal, no painting necessary. Warm-toned woods with red hints work well in with burgundy for a sophisticated look. Or, gray and ashy woods can pair well with blues and greens. For neutral tones, try oak. Fifty-two percent of the hardwood trees in America are oaks, making this species especially popular. Get creative with tones and grain to let the natural beauty of wood add interest and depth to your space.

For more information about how to make your home stand out with decorative carved moldings, contact Enkeboll designs today!

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