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What Is Egg And Dart Molding?

Did you know that the ancient Greeks and Romans utilized three orders of architecture? This included Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. These styles may seem antiquated, but they have influenced modern design schemes in a number of different ways. Egg and dart molding is just one of the ways you can use Greco-Roman traditions to create an ornate style in your home. But what is egg and dart molding? Here’s everything you need to know. What is egg and dart molding? Egg and dart molding is used as an ornamental feature in many homes and elegant buildings. Back in ancient Greece, they adorned beautiful buildings and many columns. Egg and dart … Continue reading

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Beyond White Crown Molding: 3 Molding Ideas that can Upgrade Your Interior

In some novice interior design circles, crown molding is known to make the difference between a beautiful space and a blah space, and for good reason. Most crown moldings act as a white trim that encircles the ceiling of a room, gifting the space with a sense of elegance and uniformity. Though crown molding is a subtle design element, its presence is credited with elevating the beauty of almost any space. No wonder white crown molding is so popular!   However, because white crown molding is popular, it is also somewhat unexciting. If you’re looking to upgrade the appearance of your interiors in a fresh, unusual way, there are a … Continue reading

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Three Reasons to Chose Wood for Your Interior Accents

Throughout history, wood has been a staple of interior design. Even though we no longer rely entirely on wood and other natural materials to construct our homes, wood still plays an important role in both the appearance and durability of many structures.   Though modern design has its benefits, wood is a timeless material that also offers a surprising number of perks. If you’re looking to build a new space, or if you work in the renovations and contracting industry, don’t forget these three great benefits of incorporating wood materials in your interior design:   Wood is Cost Effective Though there are certainly cheaper materials to work with, wood is … Continue reading

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