Architectural Wood Carvings: Eight Examples

architectural wood carvingsArchitectural wood carvings take an item that is functional, yet plain, and transform it into an elegant yet utilitarian piece of art. Items such as a carved bookshelf, wine bar, and walnut headboard all add character and beauty to any area. Here are eight examples of the types of trims used in these decorative wood carvings.

1. Corner Blocks

Corner blocks for crown molding will enhance the appearance of any room. They give additional detail to any space, particularly where wall and ceiling meet. Oak is often used in corner blocks.

2. Appliques

Carved appliques are usually available in oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. The designs are both horizontal and vertical, and they can range in size, too. Originally an applique was a term used in sewing, when more than one piece of fabric was used to create a pattern. Today, several decorative wood appliques may be added as architectural wood carvings to create a distinct pattern on a piece of furniture.

3. Mantels

Carved decorative wood mantles are made from many different kinds of wood. They can range in style from rustic to ornate with decorative carved moldings. Oak mantles are very popular, and since in North America over 52% of all hardwoods are oak trees, oak is a wood that is abundant and very easily available.

4. Friezes

A frieze is one of the most elegant architectural wood carvings. It is usually a horizontal piece that is mounted on a wall, up near the ceiling. Often, ancient friezes told a story in the images carved in the wood.

5. Onlays

A carved wood onlay, when placed upon a piece of furniture or other decorative items, adds the ideal finishing touch to the creation. These are mostly maple, although some are made from plywood so they can be stained. Onlays are available in many styles and patterns.

6. Moldings

Rope trim molding and vintage molding are two examples of architectural wood carvings and rims. They add wonderful character and accent to any piece.

7. Rosettes

These are molding accents that are available in a variety of woods as well as urethane and resin. Their lovely circular patterns, in many sizes, enhance a variety of different types of pieces.

8. Corbels

From large corbels to mini corbels, to traditional corbels and small corbels, these are structural pieces designed to bear weight; a type of bracket, in a way. But when carved, it is a magnificent work of art!

One of the most exciting aspects of building and design is the use of the various materials that give a project its ultimate finishing touches. The use of wood, and the creation of architectural wood carvings, add beauty and character to any area.


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