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Choosing A Prime-Stock Wood Species For Your Home Design

Some woods are more highly prized than others for carving and home design. These ones are not recommended for dramatic stains or coats of paint! Take a look at three options that are popular in America for high-quality, luxury design. Black Walnut While this particular species of walnut tree is, in fact, native to North America, it’s also been prime stock since colonial days. This wood is incredibly sturdy, making it historically a popular option for everything from rifle stocks to family heirloom furniture pieces. While the wood sometimes leans grey, the deep, moody, purple-brown of finer heartwood cuts is highly prized. Imagine that beautiful color on your simple egg … Continue reading

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Choosing A Domestic Wood Species For Your Home Design

  When people are choosing classic, authentic wood for their home’s new fluted molding, fireplace corbel designs, or custom kitchen cabinets, many Americans are opting for domestic wood options. There are many quality hardwoods to be found in North America, and supporting the domestic companies who grow and harvest that wood is a wonderful thought. To understand the difference between some of these common North American hardwoods, we’re going to briefly talk about the selection that we readily offer here at Enkeboll. Poplar Poplar is great for applying various stains and paint colors over. While fine cuts of poplar can be found, it’s mostly a plain-looking, creamy-colored wood. Poplar is … Continue reading

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